Présidentby Bruno Moinard

Marked by a sophisticated contemporary style expressed in pure lines, through an elegance that refuses any form of ostentation, the collection pays great attention to the harmony of proportions, to the chromatic unity, to an unusual mix of materials, to the high quality of manufacture and to even the most hidden detail. The result is a discreet luxury, a simple richness: the charm of the essential is just a first impression that conceals the great attention to details shortly after discovered.

Bruno Moinard

Warm simplicity, elegance and timelessness... Bruno Moinard's work is centred around these three themes; as well as an approach to luxury which is here a way of perceiving things. Because, what is luxury other than smoothing away certain details, making even hidden things precious, being generous in the art of detail and finish, and offering something finely-worked and made-to-measure? From the beginning, the agency has thus stayed true to its basic philosophy: to interpret a place without erasing its soul, to bring warmth to a very austere interior, to create surprises, to ignore fashions. In other words, to act like there was nothing there, in order to remain classic, timeless and without ever preaching.