Great Wallby Khuan Chew

“Great Wall of China is one of the 7 Wonders of the World, and one of the few man made structures you can see from outer space. My Great Wall series of furniture pays tribute to the meandering walls built over many hundreds of years to keep out the barbarians in the north.”
Khuan Chew

The Great Wall seating system includes chair, stool, armchair, sofa, chaise longue, pouf, and ottoman.
The collection, with high quality standards, is linear and solid, tested to endure any kind of stress, yet very comfortable and ergonomic.
Due to its characteristics it is suitable for contract use and is ideal for large furnishing projects such as airports, business centres, offices, banks, hotels, cruise ships.
All items are tailor made in an unlimited variety of finishes.

Khuan Chew

I am proud of my Chinese heritage but I also admire, respect and love the Arts in the west. I bridge the best of what I sees from the eastern and western cultures – and together with a great sensitivity to Mother Nature - this is my simple design philosophy.
My quest to have my first line of furniture produced in Italy is a milestone in my career as a designer. I am very proud to collaborate with Interna in this regard.