Office living

Founded in 1989 and taken over by the Interna Group in 2006, the Logica name is now considered a reference for the supply of interior design solutions for offices and congress centres. Right from the start of their story, and even more so today, the Logica trademark has been proposed to those who operate in the office sector, their mission being to supply high quality products and a reliable, personalised service.
This has helped create a company which is extremely versatile when seeking, proposing and creating tailor made solutions designed around their clients, which means freedom from the limits normally set by mass produced products.
The Interna Group, on the other hand, has been operating for more than 20 years in the luxury interior design sector, and boasts an international reputation in the design of turnkey projects for hotels, restaurants, congress centres, boutiques, private residences, cruise liners and yachts. With the Logica trademark, the company intends diversifying their range of services on offer, as well as accepting the challenge of supplying a personal touch when furnishing contemporary work spaces. Today’s office spaces and congress centres require, or rather demand, certain specific characteristics, which range from versatility of the areas involved, to the ability of being able to host a variety of operational requirements.
To respond to these requirements, work environments proposed by Logica are essential, yet warm and personalised, with elegant yet extremely functional forms, made entirely from only solid, quality materials.


Logica offers a turnkey service for furnishings, finishes and interior decorating. It includes the executive design, production, logistics, installation, testing and an after-sales service, all carried out with full respect for the quality, price and delivery terms formally agreed upon. The company aims particularly at those clients who require not only high quality products - standard or tailor made - but also service with a high technological content.

Quality certifications

Turn-key projects have a major environmental and social impact which means that manufacturers should be called upon to follow strict polices regarding environment and employment. Our Group has always been sensitive to the issue of fair and sustainable growth through its integrated certified system Quality ISO 9001 | Environment ISO 14.001| Ethics Sa 8000.
Logica works to ensure that the process of globalisation is carried out in full recognition of human rights, international labour laws and environmental protection.

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Registered trademark and designs

Logica is a registered Trademark ® since 1989.
All Logica items are copyrighted and covered by registered designs as to prevent any possible rights infringement and ensure the maximum protection to clients.

Eco sustainability and environmental protection

Logica, always sensitive to the issues of environmental protection, uses completely eco-friendly materials only: all the elements of the furniture and all the production processes to which they are subjected allow for a complete and real recyclability of each item.
The materials made of wood fibre used by Logica are produced exclusively by certified companies that meet the requirements of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) reference schemes; Logica therefore works only with materials deriving from cultivation and planned deforestation, not from uncontrolled deforestation.

Ethical work

Logica is certified SA8000, Ethical Work.
To obtain this certification it implements various organizational and productive processes aimed at a total transparency of its work that includes the respect for human rights and of worker’s rights without any kind of discrimination.
Logica is accountable for the entire production chain for the compliance with the rules of an ethical work and ensures that the finished product sold under its brand is the result of a management that is, from beginning to end, environmentally, socially, ethically and economically sustainable.

Safety and quality

Logica uses only chipboard or MDF that comply with the rules regarding the content of formaldehyde for Class 1 standards. The metal parts of the furnishings are epoxy coated and comply with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 1520 and UNI ISO 9227 standards.
The desks comply with the dimensional parameters dictated by the UNI EN 527-1 standard on safety; they also comply with the UNI 8594 standard in regard with the bending of the tops, the UNI EN 527 standard for vertical and horizontal resistance, and falling, as well as the UNI 9086 one regarding the side impact.
The containers comply with the general safety rules of the UNI EN 14073-2 standard, in addition to the requirements of UNI EN 14074 and UNI 8606 ones in regards with the maximum duration and capacities.